Blanca Li 360

Blanca Li 360


26 March 2015
(du 26 mars au 5 avril sur Oculus Rift)
Festival Exit MAC
Créteil / France
19 March 2015
(mise en ligne du film sur toutes les plateformes)
ARTE TV Concert
Partout dans le / Monde
12 March 2015
(du 12 au 22 mars)
Espace Sculfort, Expo Home Cinema
Maubeuge / France

Designed for a full 360 degrees virtual reality experience, Blanca Li's film combines dance, cinema and new technologies to deliver a new viewing sensation much closer to the bodies of dancers.

A choreography for 20 dancers, produced by Première Heure and Saint Georges Studio(2014, 10 minutes)

In an open space below a glass roof, a classical morning at the office begins. Soon, it becomes an electrical space fro madness. Duos, jumps, acrobacies and slides illustrate the rhythm of a mad workday fueled by echanges, conflicts, moments of stress and moments of love.

Thanks to a 360 degrees shooting, the viewer is at the center of the choreography. He can see the totality of the action going on around him, by changing his viewpoint. Each watching experience is different from another, and tumbles the traditional audience - stage relationship. A never seen before immersion sensation, available worldwide on different platforms strating March 19th.

see it on Vimeo :

on smartphones and tablets via the app Blanca Li 360° (Ios et Androïd)

on Oculus Rift (virtual reality mask) by placing your smartphone inside the mask (presentation at exhibit Home Cinema in Maubeuge et at  Festival Exit at MAC Créteil)