Elektro Mathematrix

Elektro Mathematrix / 2016

Elektro Mathematrix, the latest feature film by Blanca Li will be coming out in French Movie Houses on August 24th 2016

Unifrance's page on the film 

L'Ecume des Jours

L'Ecume des Jours / 2013

"L’Écume des Jours", directed by Michel Gondry. Adapted from the litterature masterpiece by Boris Vian.
Choreographies by Blanca Li

Los Amantes pasajeros

Los Amantes pasajeros / 2013

Los Amantes pasajeros, (I'm so excited) a comedy written and directed by Pedro Amodovar

Choreography by Blanca Li

Le Code a Changé

Le Code a Changé / 2009

Director: Daniele Thompson
Choregraphy: Blanca Li

Sa majesté Minor

Sa majesté Minor / 2006

Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Choregraphy: Blanca Li

El Calentito

El Calentito / 2005

Director: Chus Gutierrez
Choregraphy by:
Blanca Li

La Confiance règne

La Confiance règne / 2003

Director: Etienne Chatilliez
Choregraphy: Blanca Li


People / 2003

Director: Fabien Onteniente
Choregraphy: Blanca Li

La Chatte Andalouse

La Chatte Andalouse / 2002

court métrage (48 min) de Gérald Hustache Mathieu
lien sur IMDB

avec Sophie Quinton et Blanca Li

Le Défi

Le Défi / 2002

"The challenge" feature film, Hip hop musical comedy directed, choreographed and interpreted by Blanca Li.

Sin noticias de Dios

Sin noticias de Dios / 2001

Director: Agustin Dias Yanes
Choregraphy: Blanca Li


Quasimodo / 1998

Director: Patrick Timsit, 1998
Choregraphy: Blanca Li

Nettoyage à Sec

Nettoyage à Sec / 1997

Director: Anne Fontaine
Choregraphy: Blanca Li


L’Odyssée / 1996

director: Andrei Konchalovsky
Choregraphy: Blanca Li


Arlette / 1996

Director: Claude Zidi
Choregraphy: Blanca Li

Gazon Maudit

Gazon Maudit / 1995

Director: Josiane Balasko
Choregraphy: Blanca Li


Pigalle / 1994

Director: Karim Dridi
Choregraphy: Blanca Li