Le Défi

Le Défi


05 July 2013
(projection à 16h30)
Médiathèque Françoise Giroud
Castries / France
03 July 2013
(projection à 16h30)
Médiathèque Albert Camus
Clapiers / France
24 October 2002
Théâtre 71
Malakoff / France
22 May 2002
(Diffusion sur les écrans français)
Le Défi (long métrage)
/ France

"The challenge" feature film, Hip hop musical comedy directed, choreographed and interpreted by Blanca Li.

Direction of photography : Manuel Teran (SPI Jean-Claude Fleury, 94 mn, May 2002).
Picture House Cinema : «The original nature of hip hop choreographed by Blanca Li pays tribute to Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and the Nicholas Brothers’ mastery. Already a box office smash in France, Blanca Li proves she’s the most exciting director / choreographer to emerge in years.»